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February 7, 2019 at 1:23 pm

Alumni Invited to Participate in Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network

Ohio University alumni are invited to participate in the Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network.

“Through your involvement, you serve as OHIO’s personal link to prospective students, their parents, and guidance counselors in your community. You are part of a team of volunteers whose energy, knowledge, and personal perspective gives prospective Bobcats and their families a better understanding of how exciting and rewarding the Ohio University experience can be,” says the website.

“By attending recruitment events in your area, you enable us to expand our efforts into diverse places. Whether you are assisting first-generation college applicants or the children of other OHIO alumni, your impact is significant. Providing information regarding admissions, financial aid, and campus activities while sharing your own positive experiences helps to personalize each student’s college search.”

There are multiple ways alumni can volunteer:

For more information, contact Scott Jackson, Admissions Advisor in Undergraduate Admissions, at or 740.593.4104.

“Ohio University’s Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network represents a major effort on the part of Ohio University to expand, increase, and refine its student recruitment activities. It further represents a commitment by the university, Undergraduate Admissions, and Alumni Relations to the future excellence of the institution. We realize that alumni, parents of OHIO students and graduates, and others who have been positively touched by the university have a great deal to offer in terms of knowledge, skills, and expertise,” says the mission statement.

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