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February 7, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Alicke Gets Lifetime Career Award, Rios Gets Early Career Award

Dr. Mark Alicke, portrait in his office

Dr. Mark Alicke

Dr. Mark Alicke received the 2018 Distinguished Lifetime Career Award from the International Society for Self and Identity, while Dr. Kimberly Rios received the 2018 Outstanding Early Career Award.

“The Department of Psychology is extremely fortunate to count among its faculty the recipients of both the Distinguished Lifetime Career Award and the Outstanding Early Career Award from a prestigious international society. For me personally, it is a pleasure to see two of my colleagues recognized for their outstanding scientific contributions to the field,” said Dr. Bruce Carlson, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology at Ohio University.

Alicke is Professor of Psychology at Ohio University. The Distinguished Lifetime Career Award is made annually to recognize a scientist who has made sustained and important contributions to our understanding of self and identity throughout her or his academic career.

Alicke was presented with a plaque and gave a distinguished talk at the 2019 SPSP Self and Identity Pre-Conference Feb. 7 in Portland.

Dr. Kimberly Rios, portrait

Dr. Kimberly Rios

Rios is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Experimental Training at Ohio University. The Outstanding Early Career Award is made annually to recognize and encourage a distinguished junior scientist who has made outstanding theoretical and empirical contributions to the scientific study of self and identity.

Rios was presented a plaque and gave a distinguished address at the 2019 SPSP Self and Identity Pre-Conference.

“The International Society for Self and Identity is a scholarly association dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the human self. The Society members come from all over the globe, representing many different academic and professional disciplines. The members of ISSI share an interest in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes related to the self-system. These include the ability for people to think consciously about themselves, to form images and concepts of what they are like, to evaluate their characteristics and capabilities, to plan deliberately for the future, to worry about how they are being perceived by others, and to direct their own behavior in line with personal standards. Because this ability to self-reflect has important implications for understanding behavior, the self has emerged as a central focus of theory and research in many domains of social and behavioral science,” according to its website.


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