January 1, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Career Week | Get an Inside Look at Tech Company Gotion, Jan. 31

Rufus says get free business cards and RSVP for College of Arts & Sciences Career & Networking Reception

By Sierra Heilman

Don’t miss the third annual College of Arts & Sciences Career and Networking Event happening on Jan. 31, 2019. Attending will be several great companies that you can learn about, network with and potentially get internship or job opportunities with.

We’re happy to share one of the companies that will be attending this year that not only has internship opportunities for you, but employed not one, but two OHIO graduates last year.

Michael Moehring, selfie portrait

Michael Moehring

Talk with Alumni Michael Moehring, Chani Ferrell from Gotion

Two Ohio University graduates, Michael Moehring ’10 and Chani Ferrell ’18, will be representing the company Gotion.

Moehring earned a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry from the College of Arts & Sciences and is a research chemist at Gotion. Ferrell earned a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry and was hired last year by Gotion.

Gotion is an eco-friendly technology company that makes lithium ion batteries for fully electric cars. Through the years, there has been a demand to move away from fossil fuels and move toward cleaner energies. Gotion is a perfect company to work for if you’re passionate about a greener environment, and there is a growing demand for their expertise in the years to come. Finding a career that aligns with your values and one you can find security in is important in the long-run.

If this is a company that interests you, come meet Moehring and Ferrell at the event and ask about their 2019 Summer Internship Program. For seniors, they are currently offering full-time positions at their sites in Cleveland, Fermont, California, and for people looking at international opportunities—China.

Chani Ferrell, portrait

Chani Ferrell

Ferrell, who is now a scientist at Gotion, will tell you that last year’s Networking Reception helped her figure out her interest in the company and gave her a personal connection with her then soon-to-be supervisor.

“The first impression that I made at the event helped to nudge me through the process,” she says.

Gotion logo, big G in orange color

Working at Gotion, Ferrell has taken on many projects including things such as processing and packaging raw materials, making sure that the products meet specifications, and she is involved in different research projects.

I like that Gotion has a variety of projects for me to work on and that everyday is different. My coworkers are all supportive and willing to help me learn about the industry and our site.”

Advice from Moehring:

  • “Look up the companies that are coming and find which ones interest you the most.”
  • Do some research about what they do and come up with one or two questions about their work. People that come up to me and know the slightest bit of info about the company stand out far more than those who come up and say “What’s Gotion?” or “What do you do?”

Advice from Ferrell:

  • “Prior to attending the event, go to each of the companies websites and read anything you can. I had a sheet for each company with their industry, what position they were hiring for, and at least one question. Having this written down for easy reference and helped me to have a conversation about the company and target the things about my experience that fit with the job position that was being hired for.”
  • “Practice your handshake with a friend. That is your first impression.”
Students visit recruiting tables and resume review.

Students meet with forensic chemistry alum Michael Moehring, left, from Gotion, while others get their resumes reviewed by Arts & Sciences alumni.

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