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November 1, 2018 at 7:23 am

Alumni News | Kittle Back Home at OHIO Innovation Center

Dr. Joseph Kittle, portrait

Dr. JD Kittle

OHIO Today writes about alumnus JD Kittle ’80 in a story headlined “Rooted in Place” explaining Kittle’s journey from undergraduate Chemistry major at Ohio University back to Athens, first as a professor and now in an office at the Innovation Center.

Kittle earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the Honors Tutorial College at OHIO.

  • Kittle’s journey from small-town son to biotech innovator is rooted in place. After earning his undergraduate degree in chemistry at OHIO, he went on to receive his doctoral degree in chemistry at Harvard University and then consulted for biotech companies in Texas and California. Kittle always “pined for back home,” he said, “but there was no biotech here.”
  • Kittle’s return to the region in 2011 to spend time with family coincided with a position at OHIO as assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry and a re-connection with former co-workers from his time at Battelle, a Columbus, Ohio-based science and tech company. Kittle was asked to join their new company, MTL, but was determined to find a way to also stay in Southeast Ohio. Thanks to the OHIO Innovation Center’s support, its lab space and equipment, and a strong regional workforce, Kittle stays rooted in the place he loves.

Read more at OHIO Today.




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