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November 19, 2018 at 2:42 pm

News Sources Quote Jellison on Melania Trump Calling for Aide to be Fired

Dr. Katherine Jellison, holdng a drawing

Dr. Katherine Jellison, portrait

AFP global news service quoted Dr. Katherine Jellison, Professor & Chair of History at Ohio University, in a story headlined “Newly assertive Melania Trump puts the first back in First Lady.”

Washington (AFP) – In the White House this week, Trump’s the boss. Melania Trump, that is.

And Katherine Jellison, a historian specializing in first ladies at Ohio University, warns that Melania risks losing her best attribute — her coolness “in contrast to her husband’s bombastic personality.”

“She might end up being more of a hindrance than an asset to her husband,” Jellison said. “In the current environment, the Trump family can use all the good will they can get.”

Read more at Breitbart.

CTV News also quoted Jellison on firing of a White House aide in a story headlined “Melania s moment: first lady flexes muscles after Trump aide ousted.”

“There have been similar activities on a less publicized scale, but it came out after the fact. We ve never seen a first lady have her office make a public statement like that,” said Katherine Jellison, chair of the history department at Ohio University and an expert on first ladies. “It will be interesting to see if this is the new Melania.”

Jellison and others said the best comparison would be Nancy Reagan s conflict with White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan. But while that clash eventually became well known, Mrs. Reagan never issued a public statement.

Read more at CTV News.


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