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October 22, 2018 at 4:28 pm

Spring 2019 | Law, Justice & Culture Undergraduate Courses

There are 16 courses being offered in Spring 2019  for the Law, Justice & Culture Certificate, many of them addressing topics from today’s headlines.

The following list includes courses being offered that are either required courses or elective courses in the Law, Justice & Culture Certificate.
The certificate is offered by the Center for Law, Justice & Culture at Ohio University.

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Required Courses

POLS 2200: The Politics of Law

LJC 2000: Core Course in Law, Justice & Culture

SOC 2600: Criminal Justice

Elective Courses

ANTH 4620: Human Rights, Law & Justice in Northern Ireland

ENG 3570: Law and Literature

POLS 4010: American Consitutional Law

POLS 4040: Civil Liberties

POLS 4550: International Law

POLS 4753: American Whiteness

POLS 4754: Black Political Thought

POLS 4757: Race, Violence & Human Security

SOC 3600: Criminology

SOC 3670: Corporate and Governmental Crime

SOC 4670: Violence Against Women

SOC 4950: Death Penalty in the US (T3)

SOC 3602: Social Welfare Policy



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