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Wealth & Poverty | Clinical Care or Community Development: What Role Should Hospitals Play in Urban Neighborhoods? Sept. 28

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The Wealth and Poverty theme at Ohio University presents Dr. Berkeley Franz discussing “Clinical Care or Community Development: What Role Should Hospitals Play in Urban Neighborhoods?” on Friday, Sept. 28, from 1-2 p.m. in Alden 319.

Franz is one of six speakers during “Action on Inequality Week” from Sept. 21-28.

Berkeley Franz, portrait

Dr. Berkeley Franz

In this talk, Berkeley Franz will discuss the role that non-profit hospitals might play to address health and economic security in urban neighborhoods. Drawing on findings from her forthcoming co-authored book, Medical Urbanism: Hospitals, City Neighborhoods, and Community Health (University of Chicago Press, 2019), she will explore three hospital case studies. The fact that many urban hospitals are located in neighborhoods with severely shortened life expectancy has led to new financial incentives and tax requirements for non-profit hospitals to expand their traditional activities. Hospitals may be a key partner in efforts to address non-medical social problems, but this requires changing expectations of what hospitals do best and developing new strategies to move hospitals’ influence beyond clinical care.

Dr Berkeley Franz is Assistant Professor of Community-based Health in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Franz is is a medical sociologist whose research and teaching focus on health disparities, hospital-community relationships, and health policy. In addition, she has interests in the sociology of religion and community-based philosophy. Her co-authored book, Narrative Medicine and Community-based Health Care and Planning was published by Springer in 2017.  She is currently co-authoring a book on hospital-community relations in urban neighborhoods for University of Chicago Press. She has also edited a forthcoming volume of first person narratives on the opioid epidemic in Ohio (Ohio State University Press).

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About Action on Inequality Week

Going beyond teaching, learning, and advocating for equality, many are taking positive, important actions against inequalities in income, health, education, and well-being in local communities. The Wealth and Poverty Week on Action on Inequality brings the OHIO community together to discuss various actions to combat the growing inequalities in our society and advance the common good.

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