September 28, 2018 at 1:43 pm

OHIO Student Farm Prepares for Winter with Squash Harvest

Ange Heese and Lydia Beardsley pose for a picture, surrounded by recently harvested hubbard squash and mini pumpkins, in the circle gardens at the OHIO Student Farm.

Student interns, Ange Heese and Lydia Beardsley, pose with squash varieties harvested from the OHIO Student Farm.

As the colder months approach us this fall, the colder-weather crops at the OHIO Student Farm are becoming ready for harvest. A recent harvest at the farm included about a dozen blue hubbard squashes, an heirloom squash variety.

From this blue hubbard squash harvest, students learn not only about growing non-conventional and heirloom crops, but also about the value of winter crops that can be stored and eaten throughout the colder months.

Students learn that an important aspect of sustainable agriculture is understanding how to have produce available year-round, especially in colder states like Ohio. These large, tasty, and for many, unfamiliar crops, can be stored for months, and feed a crowd, making it a great variety to grow.

Interested in cooking with the blue hubbard squash?  These squash can be made into pie, soup, or simply roasted for a side dish, yum!

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