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September 6, 2018 at 2:56 pm

Geology Alumni Help with Annual Field Camp

a dark haired woman wearing glasses and a green ballcap with a dark red jacket and khaki pants sits in a field of scrub grass reviewing a map folded in her lap. The background is a mixture of hills and valleys of Montana.

OHIO alum Lorraine Manz, of the North Dakota Geological Survey, reviews her map high in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Manz attended field camp with OHIO Field Camp Director Keith Milam in this very same area 21 years ago this past summer.

With the help of faculty, staff and alumni from the Geological Sciences Department, 19 geology students participated an engaging, field-based course, GEOL 4960 – Field Geology in the wilds of Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming this summer.

In many ways, this exciting class was typical of previous years – lots of field observations, data collection, measurements, and mapping.

But this year was different than most. This summer our class also hosted seven geology alumni.

Four members of the Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board, including Board President, Pat Jackson B.S. ’81 M.S. ’83, of the Shell Corp., volunteered to assist with this year’s class. Alumni observed students in the field and in the classroom, gave professional development presentations, answered lots of questions, interacted with students one-on-one throughout the course, and even provided dinner and refreshments.

All of their time and effort offered geology students, many of whom were on the cusp of graduation, opportunities to interact with, seek advice from, and network with experienced geologists who have many decades of collective experience.

“I had a great time interacting with the students!” notes Lorraine Manz M.S. ’98, from the North Dakota Geological Survey.

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