August 28, 2018 at 2:08 pm

Six Graduate Students Earn Contemporary History Certificates

The Contemporary History Institute congratulates its 2017-18 graduates who earned the graduate Contemporary History Certificate.

Ph.D. Graduates

Four students earned their doctorates in history and journalism and mass communication.

Brad Eidahl, Ph.D. in History (December 2017). Eidahl wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Barr-Melej, Professor of History, on “Writing the Opposition: Power, Coercion, Legitimacy, and the Press in Pinochet’s Chile.” His other committee members were History professors Dr. Mariana Dantas and Dr. Chester Pach and journalism professor Dr. Michael Sweeney (who is himself a CHI alumnus). Eidahl is currently a lecturer in the History Department at Central Michigan University, where he is preparing his book manuscript for publication.

Seth Givens, Ph.D. in History (May 2018). Givens wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Ingo Trauschweizer on “Cold War Capital: The United States, the European Allies, and the Fight for Berlin, 1945-1994.” He received valuable input from his committee members: History professors Dr. Steven M. Miner and Pach and Political Science professor Dr. James Mosher. Givens worked as a research associate for the Monuments Men Foundation, and he will join the U.S. Marine Corps History Division at Quantico, Va. Each historian in the office has a primary and secondary focus. He was hired to be the Operation Iraqi Freedom expert, but he gets to define his own secondary field. Givens is interested in studying the USMC in Europe, from World War I to today’s Marine Forces European Command.

Jack Marchbanks, Ph.D. in History (May 2018). Marchanks wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Mattson, the Connor Study Professor of Contemporary History, on “Pride and Protest in Letters and Song: Jazz Artists and Writers during the Civil rights Movement, 1955-1965.” His other committee members were History professors Dr. Katherine Jellison and Dr. Assan Sarr and African American Studies professor Dr. Robin Muhammad. Marchbanks is currently an Assistant Director at the Ohio Department of Transportation, and he sits on the Board of Trustees of the Lincoln Theatre Association, a community-based performing arts organization where he co-hosts free “Community Conversations” twice a year on topics connected to art, politics, and culture. A present, Marchbanks is researching and writing a multi-media documentary of how the Great Migration shaped the music created by artists whose families relocated to the North Coast.

Kenneth Ward, Ph.D. in Mass Communications (May 2018). Ward wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Sweeney (professor of journalism history) on “America’s Last Newspaper War: One Hundred and Sixteen Years of Competition between the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.” Journalism and communications professors Dr. Aimee Edmondson and Dr. Greg Newton and History’s Jellison made up Ward’s committee. Ward begins his teaching career at Lamar University (Beaumont, Texas) as an Assistant Professor of Communications. He reports that he will get to develop a journalism history course and that he is already missing the weekly dose of cookies and historical perspectives offered by CHI.

Master’s Graduates

Two others earned their master’s degrees  this summer.

Bailey Dick, master’s degree in Journalism. Dick completed her master’s thesis under the supervision of Sweeney (and with Edmondson and Jellison as readers) on “’Is It Not Possible to Be a Radical and a Christian?’ Dorothy Day Navigates the Patriarchal Worlds of Journalism and Catholicism.” Dick has joined the Ph.D. program in the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

Katlin Hiller, master’s degree in Journalism. Hiller completed a dual master’s at Ohio University and the University of Leipzig, Germany, under the supervision of Sweeney (and with Dr. Mirna Zakic, History, Ohio University and Patrick Metzger, Communications, Leipzig as readers). Her thesis title is “The Wall Still Stands… Or Does It? Collective Memory of the Berlin Wall as Represented in American and German Newspapers.” Hiller will pursue a Ph.D. in American Studies at Leipzig, where she will work with professor Crister Garrett.

Well done!

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