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August 30, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Holcomb Authors New Book: ‘Teaching Hemingway and Race’

Dr. Gary Holcomb, wearing sunglasses

Dr. Gary Holcomb

Dr. Gary Edward Holcomb, Professor of African American Studies, authored a book being released on Sept. 11 titled Teaching Hemingway and Race.

Teaching Hemingway and Race book cover“Teaching Hemingway and Race provides a practicable means for teaching the subject of race in Hemingway’s writing and related texts—from how to approach ethnic, nonwhite international, and tribal characters to how to teach difficult questions of racial representation. Rather than suggesting that Hemingway’s portrayals of cultural otherness are incidental to teaching and reading the texts, the volume brings them to the fore.

“Included in the collection are Marc Dudley’s instruction on how students may recognize “multiple selves at work in a text”; Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland’s approach to In Our Time, informed by American studies and women’s studies; and Ross Tangedal’s discussion of imperialism in Hemingway’s two nonfiction books.”

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