July 16, 2018 at 2:50 pm

Forensic Chemistry B.S. Gets FEPAC Accreditation through January 2022

2018 Forensic Chemistry graduates in their academic regalia.

2018 Forensic Chemistry graduates in their academic regalia.

Ohio University’s B.S. in Forensic Chemistry program received its most recent full accreditation through January 2022 from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences through the Forensic Science Programs Accreditation Commission.

FEPAC maintains and promotes the quality of college-level forensic science programs through rigorous standards and formal evaluations to ensure that the program is of the highest quality.

“Ohio University is proud to have full accreditation through January 2022,” said Dr. Rebecca Barlag, Associate Lecturer and Program Director of B.S. in Forensic Chemistry.

400 Forensic Chemistry Alumni

Approximately 400 students have graduated with Ohio University’s B.S. in Forensic Chemistry since the program’s first graduate in 1979.

“Our graduates have found successful careers in crime labs all over the country, including Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Florida, Texas, Missouri, South Carolina, and Georgia and in the chemical industry with companies such as Gotion, PPG, WIL Research, Omega, Abbott Labs, Sherwin Williams, Omeros Corp., and West-Ward Pharmaceuticals Corp.,” Barlag said. “Others have continued their education completing graduate degrees in chemistry, forensics, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, toxicology, law, medicine, and business.”

“Ever since high school, I was sure I wanted to become a forensic scientist,” said Chelsea Lang ’16. “Not many universities offer this specific major; therefore, I only visited and applied to Ohio University. Of course, I decided that the Forensic Chemistry program at OHIO was the right path for me. This particular program is challenging and intriguing. I became close with many of my professors throughout my time at OU that I am still in contact with today.

“I graduated from OHIO in 2016, and not even a month later, I received a job at NSL Analytical Services in Cleveland,” Lang adds. “NSL is a small quality assurance laboratory with multiple areas of work. I spend most of my time in the organic lab (which is ironic because organic chemistry was my worst subject in school) and I really enjoy the work I do here. I have continued to learn after graduation and work my way up to my dream job. I will continue my career path in forensics after I receive an ample amount of experience from my first job. Even though the forensic chemistry major is challenging, it is absolutely worth it and I am so glad I did not give up even when I wanted to the most!”

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