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Diversity Scholarship to Society of American Foresters National Convention | Apply by Aug. 27

Student Diversity Scholarships are available for college students interested in forestry, natural resources and related careers to attend the Society of American Foresters National Convention, Oct. 3-7 in Portland, OR.

The convention theme will explore the differences between policy and politics, and how science, management, and policy interact and integrate to inform and influence the conservation of forested landscapes. Plenary sessions will consider the role of science in policy decisions such as wildland fire policy, the role of scientists and managers in the policy process, and how we can better influence policy makers.

The Student Diversity Scholarship program is designed to promote leadership skills and create a community for those students involved. The program involves attending the SAF National Convention and participating in a series of activities focused on developing leadership and networking skills; opportunities to interact with leaders; and an opportunity to participate as a future leader in SAF.

The scholarship program includes complimentary registration to the SAF National Convention, exclusive networking opportunities, and a stipend to help fund additional costs such as travel and accommodations.

Each student will be paired with a mentor who is a career natural resource professional for the duration of convention. These mentoring relationships will continue for at least the year following the convention, but most continue beyond that point and help students grow their new networks. Past Student Diversity Ambassadors have discovered employment opportunities and funding for graduate education through their relationships with their mentors.


  • Enrolled in an undergraduate (associate or bachelor’s degree) or graduate program (master’s or Ph.D. degree).
  • Interested in forestry, natural resources, terrestrial ecosystems and/or other related fields as a career.
  • Meet the diversity criteria as described: “…to encourage the involvement in the profession of a variety of people in terms of race, ethnic background, religion, age, gender, and those disabled, as well as the diversity of geography, employer groups, philosophies, and career choices within the broad field of forestry.”


  • Those selected must attend the SAF National Convention and predetermined convention events.
  • Willingness to serve as a SAF Diversity Student Ambassador, including participation in local and/or on-campus events (if applicable) and involvement in the SAF Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.
  • Participate in an e-mentorship program, throughout the year, with a natural resource professional. Mentors are selected based on criteria such as students’ interests, needs, and geographic location.

How to Apply

  • Click the “Apply Now” button on the page. If you do not have an SAF account, please click “Create a new account” in the sign-in box.
  • The system does not save applications in progress. SAF recommends that applicants review the questions and formulate responses prior to beginning the application online.
  • Completed applications are due by 6 p.m. EST on Aug. 27, 2018.

For more information, contact Danielle Watson.


Apply Now! Deadline: August 27, 2018<>

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