June 12, 2018 at 7:43 am

Alumni News | Internship and Practicum Key to Landing Job in Victim Assistance

A smiling Arianna Spalding with brick wall and tree in background

Arianna Spalding

Arianna Spalding ’17 ’18M started in her graduate program right after graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences with a B.A. in Sociology-Criminology and Certificate in Law, Justice and Culture.

After only two semesters, Spalding earned her M.A. in Sociology with a policy paper and after completing a practicum during Spring semester.

Her paper is titled “Sexual Violence Prevention Education in Secondary Schooling: What Works?” and her practicum was with the Athens County Child Advocacy Center.

She spent ten hours each week during Spring semester at her practicum, gaining valuable experience in child and family advocacy.

Spalding also observed forensic interviews and helped with general office tasks that furthered her understanding about how CAC’s function.

“I absolutely loved my time at the CAC!” says Spalding.

In May she started a new job as a Victim Assistance Specialist for the Fairfield County Prosecutor’s Office in Lancaster, Ohio.

She is excited about beginning this position since her hope was to work in victim advocacy once she completed her Master’s, and this job feels like the perfect fit.

She credits her experiences at the Athens CAC, in addition to her time interning for the Athens County Court of Common Pleas through the sociology department’s internship program during her undergrad, helped a great deal in accomplishing her post-grad employment goals.

“I would highly recommend the practicum track to any student who is interested in working in applied settings related to sociology as it offers extremely beneficial real world experience that enriches the academic aspects of the Master’s program,” Spalding says.

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