May 25, 2018 at 11:56 am

OPIE Zone: Summer Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of The Summer OPIE Zone Newsletter. This is what we have for you this week.

Letter from the Director: Featuring Rena Peters

Dear Students,

Rena with husband Bobby and son Casey

Casey, Bobby and Rena.

I hope your summer studies are going well. In the next few “Letters from the Director,” I will introduce you to some of our faculty and staff at OPIE.

Today, I would like to introduce the first person who contacts you when you apply to OPIE: Rena Peters.

Rena was born and raised in Ohio – she is a true Ohioan! She grew up in Jackson, Ohio and moved to McArthur, Ohio after her marriage to Bobby Peters. Rena and Bobby have two children, Natalee and Casey. Natalee is a senior at Ohio University and Casey just graduated from high school this spring.  She also has two pet dogs at home. Their names are Macey and Spud.  Check out their pictures! Cute!

Macey and Spud

Macey and Spud

Rena has worked in OPIE since February, 2001. Before coming to OPIE, she worked in the International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS) office. Because of her experience at ISFS, she became interested in working with international students at Ohio University. She found it inspiring that students would leave their home country and family to travel to another country to study — especially in a place where English is not their first language. So, she wanted to make sure that that they felt welcomed when first arriving here. Rena enjoys meeting students from all over the world and enjoys working in OPIE. She says “OPIE is beneficial for students’ success in academic classes.”

Rena’s hobby is relaxing on the deck of her house or taking jeep rides with the “top down.” She used to ride “four-wheelers” on the neighboring property around her house, but the land was recently purchased and fences were installed. Rena told me that these developments “nixed” her fun hobby but it may have saved her from some broken bones! J  (This paragraph has wonderful cultural information, ask your teachers to explain vocabulary such as “four wheelers,” “deck,” and “to nix.”)

Rena’s dream vacation is to go to Australia. She is a huge fan of the television show “Crocodile Hunter,” featuring Steve Irwin. She has always wanted to visit Irwin’s zoo. Until she saves enough money to go to Australia, she will be satisfied taking vacations to Virginia Beach, Virginia and touring the boardwalk.   Make sure you stop in the OPIE office to say hello to Rena.

Continued success this summer,

Dr. Krzic

P.S. I will give a prize to the first student who comes to the office (talk to Kim) and gives the definition of “nix.”  Don’t forget the Memorial Day weekend this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. No classes on Monday!  Ask your instructors about the meaning of Memorial Day.  Also, the OPIE picnic will be on Monday, June 18.


Waiving Student Legal Services and Well Being Fees

Most students are automatically enrolled in two service plans. If you do not want to pay the fees for these plans, you must waive them before Friday, June 1st.

Well Being Plan ($60.00 fee per semester)

  • Free counseling sessions
  • No co-pay at Campus Care—save $15.00 each time you visit the doctor.

Student Legal Services Fee ($12.00 fee per semester)

  • Lawyers provide students with legal representation, advice, and education.

Benefits of the Plans

Both the Well Being Plan and the Student Legal Services Plan offer important benefits to students. The Well Being Plan is helpful if you feel sad and need to see a counselor, or if you want to save money at Campus Care. The Student Legal Services Plan is helpful if you have any legal problems. For example, if you are in a car accident or have a disagreement about housing with your landlord, you might need legal help. You may want to keep these plans on your account, since they are not very costly. However, if you decide you want to waive these fees, here are the instructions:

Instructions for Waiving the Fees

  • Sign in to My Ohio
  • On the Accounts tab, click My OHIO Student Center
  • In the Finances section, click Waive WellBeing Plan OR Waive Student Legal Services
  • Follow the instructions to complete the waiver
  • Wait for the confirmation receipt to appear; print it for your records

If you need help waiving these fees, you can go to see Samba Bah in Gordy 155.


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