May 2, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Muhammad Presents at Conference Black Radicalism in the United States

Dr. Robin D. Muhammad, portrait

Dr. Robin D. Muhammad

Dr. Robin Muhammad joined more than 80 activists, scholars, and artists in New York City for a two-day conference on Black Radicalism in the United States.

Muhammad is Associate Professor and Chair of African American Studies at Ohio University.

The conference brought together scholars and activists dealing with the history and the legacy of Black Radicalism in the United States from multiple perspectives.

“Black Radicalism in the United States had many faces and followed many directions, yet always dealt with the important question of how the plight of African Americans—the (former) slaves—in the U.S. could be changed for the better. Many of the ideas related to this question might have been utopian, but even more of them were radical, covering the broad meaning of the word, from political radicalism or questions related to the nation, to religious and cultural forms of radical thoughts,” according to host Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung event website.

Muhammad presented on “This City in Itself: Harlem’s Socialists and the Challenge to New Deal Liberalism” on the panel on Black Radicals, Socialism, and Communism.

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