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April 20, 2018 at 8:23 am

Athens News Interview Economics Student about Research at Expo

An Athens News story on Ohio University’s Student Research & Creativity Expo featured an interview with Economics master’s student Md Shah Jalal Uddin.

Md Shah Jalal Uddin, a second-year master’s student in economics, presented his research comparing oil and gas consumption in developing countries with that in developed countries. It took him roughly a week, he said, just to mine through all of the data for his project, an analysis of 102 countries.

Uddin said he hopes he can extend his project to his thesis. “My adviser’s saying, ‘This will be your initial step,’” he said. “This is a good beginning.”

This year was his first time participating in the Student Expo, Uddin said, explaining that he didn’t know it existed before. Attending, he said, helped him practice explaining his economics research to people from other backgrounds. “I need to make it easier for them to understand,” Uddin said. “Otherwise what’s the point? You have ideas but you cannot explain them to people.”

The best part of the Expo, Uddin said, “was people asking a lot of” questions about his research method. “You know, you learn more when you explain something,” he said. “I get some new ideas from here, so this is the best place.” Most of the time, the only feedback students get is with an adviser, “one person to one person,” Uddin said. “Here, different people, different area, and they’re thinking, also, different. So (the) Expo is helping a lot to get new ideas.”

Read more in the story headlined “Annual Expo an ideal outlet for OU student research.”

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