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Sociology & Anthropology Alumni and Students Network During Career Week

Lauren Lowe, Aissatou Boye, and Carrie Ramage

Lauren Lowe, Aissatou Boye, and Carrie Ramage

A few students took advantage of the opportunity to visit with Sociology and Anthropology alumni at lunch during the Arts & Sciences Career and Networking Week 2018.

“I think the events hosted throughout the week are a great way for students and alumni to network,” said Jackie Callihan ’17M. “It also gives students the opportunity to see all of the different career pathways available to them by talking to alumni. I would encourage students to take advantage of the events hosted during the week, it’s a great resource.”

Natasha Lorenz talks with Chris Hedges at Sociology and Anthropology Alumni Lunch in February 2018.

Natasha Lorenz talks with Chris Hedges at Sociology and Anthropology Alumni Lunch in February 2018.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Carrie Ramage ’17. “I found it extremely helpful to talk with past alumni about my future career plans and to get their feedback. I had felt unsure what path I was leaning toward after my AmeriCorps service year, and getting opinions from those who have worked in the field helped me to be more sure of what I want to do. I also enjoyed talking with students still in the program and discussing what I’ve gone through—and even how the program has changed in the short time since I’ve left. After the lunch I was able to participate in the Alumni Networking events and have my resume reviewed.”

This is the second such lunch that Becky Filar ’06 has attended. She enjoys the opportunity to re-engage with the university. “Now that I’ve participated two years in a row, I make this luncheon a priority. It is great to connect with the students to see what their interests are and what motivates them.”

“I had a great time re-connecting with old classmates but also making new friends,” says Mathew Austin ’09 ’10M. “Even though we had just met and were cohorts apart—the shared experiences of “nerding” out on sociological theory, learning to teach, and late nights in Bentley Hall made for very fast connections. It was interesting to see all the different paths we’re on now and how our degrees helped shape that and feeling like a part of a bigger community of scholars.”

Julie Cohara, Kalei Edenfield, and Becky Filar enjoy a moment during the Sociology and Anthropology Alumni lunch in February 2018.

Julie Cohara, Kalei Edenfield, and Becky Filar enjoy a moment during the Sociology and Anthropology Alumni lunch in February 2018.

Aissatou Boye ’19 commented that she “really enjoyed the alumni lunch hosted by the Sociology & Anthropology Department. It gave me the opportunity to meet and network with alumni who were in the same field as me when they attended OHIO. I had the privilege to hear different stories and paths after graduation and how that transitioned into their current professions. Something that I found surprising was how many alumni were still living and working in Athens, some by choice and some due to the varying resources and networks present

“As always I had a wonderful time visiting,” commented Jenna Richards ’14 ’16M. “I thought it was great spending time with both the undergrad and graduate students. I also enjoyed talking with fellow alums about what they’re doing in their professional careers.”

And from Ellie Koewler ’15, “It was a great event that exemplified the diverse opportunities that students are afforded by getting a sociology or anthropology degree. I was impressed by how engaged the current students were and I’m excited to see where their post-graduation plans will take them!”

“I enjoyed the lunch a lot and thought it was a nice chance to meet people in the alumni community,” said Nicholas Albright ’19. “I think more events like this would be helpful due to the small size and ability to really get to know someone over a delicious lunch.”

Jackie Kloepfer, Jenny Shank, and Erica Andrews

Jackie Kloepfer, Jenny Shank, and Erica Andrews

“The lunch was great! It was really fun talking with other alumni about what we are all doing now, and realizing the diversity of occupations we fell into was really interesting,” said Jackie Kloepfer ’08 ’15M.

“The Alumni Networking lunch was great!” says Amber Damiani ’15 16M. “I loved getting to come back to OHIO and talk to current students about what they are working on and what direction they want to take their career, and hopefully be a resource/contact for them in the future. Also, it was awesome getting to catch up with alumni and see old faculty/meet new faculty, and talk about what were up to, how we have grown since OHIO, and how our experiences at OHIO led us to where we are now!”

Jenny Shank ’12 summed up the event, “The lunch was lovely and it was fun to talk to some of the students who are now where I was once.”

Mathew Austin, Amber Damiani, Haley Hemming, and Jackie Callihan

Mathew Austin, Amber Damiani, Haley Hemming, and Jackie Callihan

After lunch, a few Sociology grad students visited with grad alumni in Bentley Annex.

“I really enjoyed the Alumni and Student lunch event held at Lui Lui,” said Natasha Lorenz ’14. “What a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded people! Everyone there, students and alumni, were using their sociology degrees in really creative ways to give back to the Ohio University and Athens communities. I left feeling inspired to get more involved and to use my experience in the sociology department in more varied and unique ways.

“Afterwards, at the alumni meet and greet in Bentley Annex, current and past graduate students introduced themselves and discussed the ways in which they use their Arts and Sciences degrees in their current professions. It was really cool to see how successful and well-rounded all of these sociology graduates were in their working lives, and we all had the opportunity to share fond memories of our experiences at Ohio University,” added Lorenz.

Grad student Maria Funcheon ’18M agreed, “It was great meeting with the Sociology alumni and learning about the variety of careers that can be built with a Sociology M.A. degree, like working in law enforcement, higher education, victim advocacy, and corporate recruitment. It was a valuable networking experience, especially as I am about to re-enter the job market myself.”

Both events were funded by the Sociology and Anthropology Foundation Fund.

Full list of alumni:

  • Erica Andrews, Laughing Moon Midwifery
  • Mathew Austin, Detective, OUPD
  • Jackie Callihan, Assistant Director of Admissions, Washington State Community College
  • Julie Cohara, Director of Degree Programs, University College, Ohio University
  • Amber Damiani, Law student, Capital University; Law clerk, Ross, Midian & Breitmayer LLC
  • Jean Demosky, Director, Workforce Development Board, State of Ohio Area 14
  • Kalei Edenfield, Volunteer Coordinator, Athens CASA/GAL Program
  • Becky Filar, Director of Community Justice, Athens County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Chris Hedges, Sole Proprietor & Designer/Draftsman, AedanWorks; Sociology Instructor, OHIO
  • Haley Hemming, Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Implementation, Center for Public Data, Shawnee State University
  • Jacqueline Kloepfer, Research Associate, Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs
  • Ellie Koewler, Senior Campus Coordinator, OHIO Office of Global Opportunities
  • Natasha Lorenz, Officer, OUPD (and current Soc grad student!)
  • Lauren Lowe, Victim Advocate, Athens County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Carrie Ramage, Americorps College Guide, Washington State Community College
  • Jenna Richards, Recruiter, Kroger
  • Jenny Shank, Licensed Realtor, Buckeye Country Realty

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