March 6, 2018 at 10:21 am

Alumni News | Simone Lewis Provides Decision Support from National Weather Service

Ohio University alum Simone Lewis ’03 is a general forecaster for the National Weather Service in Charleston, WV.

Lewis has been involved in numerous decision support projects with the National Weather Service and has provided weather support for numerous events including the June 2012 derecho and Superstorm Sandy. She also worked as an Incident Meteorologist on several wildfires across the country.

Lewis earned a degree in Geography Pre-Meteorology, along with minors in Physics and Mathematics, from the College of Arts & Sciences. After graduate school at Ball State University, she returned to Ohio University in 2006 and earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics.

She has worked in three National Weather Service offices over the years, including Indianapolis and Boise, ID.

In her spare time she enjoys hiking, travel, and studying early American history.

Presentation Title: Decision Support Services within the National Weather Service

Abstract: In order to support the National Weather Service’s (NWS) goal to build a Weather Ready Nation, emphasis has increasingly been placed on the need for forecasters to provide Impact Based Decision Support Services. NWS meteorologists are increasingly being tasked with providing weather support to state, local, and federal partners, in order to help them to make important decisions to protect the lives and livelihoods of the communities they serve. The Decision Support Services provided by the National Weather Service can be either on site, or in office, and are used for a variety of things such as preparation for or recovery from disasters (whether natural or man-made), or other events of national or local significance. In this presentation, several examples of events where NWS meteorologists have provided impact based decision support services will be examined.

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