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Wealth & Poverty | Reversal of the Gender Education Gap and Its Impact on the Wage Gap in Russia, Feb. 6

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The Wealth and Poverty Theme presents Dr. Olga Belskaya on “The Reversal of the Gender Education Gap and Its Impact on the Wage Gap in Russia” Tuesday, Feb. 6, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in Alden 319.

Dr. Belskaya is Assistant Professor of Economics at Ohio University.  She is a labor economist with a specialization in developing countries, their education systems and labor markets. She earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research interests also include health economics and child development. Her recent works examine the long-term effects of WWII occupation on health and education of individuals who were in early childhood during the war.

Dr.Olga Belskaya, portrait in her office

Dr. Olga Belskaya

Abstract:  Given the growing participation of women in higher education across the world, this presentation explores whether it affects the gender wage gap using the case of Russia. The results will show that in response to the growing share of educated individuals wages of educated women grew faster than  wages of educated men, and this contributed to the narrowing of the gender wage gap in Russia. These findings suggest that increasing access to higher education for women in developing countries creates benefits through education externalities.

Her talk is part of the Wealth & Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities, Feb. 5-9.

About Wealth & Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities: Our identities affect our lives profoundly; some start impacting us before we are even born and continue until we die. The enforcement of identity norms and the hierarchies associated with different identities can be highly problematic and result in undesirable outcomes. At the same time, our identities can often be a source of belonging and pride. The Wealth and Poverty Week on Identities and Inequalities brings the Ohio University community together to discuss specific inequalities related to identities and also how identities can be part of the solutions to these inequalities.

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