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January 7, 2018 at 11:01 am

Alumni News | Sociology’s Kuckuck Writes on Millennials, Flexible Work Environments

Ohio University alum Phalen Kuckuck authored an article headlined “Why millennials thrive in flexible work environments” in the Washington Examiner.

Kuckuck, who currently works in West Virginia Politics, earned a B.A. in Sociology–Criminology and a Law, Justice & Culture Certificate from the College of Arts & Sciences at OHIO.

Phalen Kuckuck, portrait

Phalen Kuckuck

Millennials prioritize workplace flexibility and reject a stiff structure in their place of employment, according to a recent survey from American Express. A full 75 percent U.S. millennials surveyed said that businesses should “be flexible and fluid” regarding work environment and “not enforce a rigid structure on employees.”

The days of punching the clock five days a week have ended – teleworking is easier than ever, and there’s mutual benefit to be found in loosening workplace rigidity. A happy, productive worker won’t mind putting in late hours on a Thursday evening, provided they can take an extra hour to sleep in on a slow Monday morning….

An intense focus on the work accomplished, as opposed to the hours worked, will ultimately benefit the entire marketplace – no matter the job. So long as their output is market-driven, the most successful employee in any given role will be happier without a strict 9-to-5 policy.

Of course, many professions can’t adapt in this way; lawyers bill by the hour and government agencies and nonprofits have specific hours of operation. There will be exceptions, but every workplace should strive to prioritize the output-driven model. If they don’t, it will only be hurting their bottom line and excommunicating the largest generational group in the American workforce.

Read his entire article in the Washington Examiner.



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