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January 27, 2018 at 1:22 pm

AFP Quotes Houston in ‘Grammys Inch Closer to Inclusion’

Dr, Akil Houston, portrait in his office

Dr, Akil Houston

Dr. Akil Houston, Associate Professor of Cultural and Media Studies at Ohio University, was quoted in an AFP global news service story headlined “Grammys inch closer to inclusion.”

The Grammys — often derided as a tone-deaf music industry love-fest — will take on new relevance this year, as hip-hop artists for the first time are leading the pack….

“Pop culture has always provided distraction and in some ways has echoed what’s going on in the world,” said Akil Houston, an associate professor of cultural and media states at Ohio University.

But Houston also said that hip-hop — initially a rebellious, outsider movement — has become more intertwined with broader U.S. culture with its presence in fashion, cinema and other musical genres.

“In years past, there has been a lack of presence for hip-hop culture, but I think commercial rap music has become ubiquitous with other parts of pop culture, whether it’s music or films,” he said.

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