November 7, 2017 at 5:05 pm

Two Grad Students Earn Excellence in Teaching Awards

From left, Genoveva Di Maggio and Angela Romero, shown here holding their certificates

From left, Genoveva Di Maggio and Angela Romero

Modern Languages graduate students Genoveva Di Maggio and Angela Romero earned the Excellence in Teaching Award after completing the College of Arts & Sciences’ Advanced Graduate Teaching Certificate program with high distinctions.

Both are in the Spanish master’s program at Ohio University.

“These teaching assistants have been instructing lower-division Spanish courses since Fall 2016 (including summer sessions) and their classroom performance and teaching abilities have been recognized by students and supervisors alike,” notes Dr. Muriel Gallego, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics-Spanish.

The CAS Graduate Teaching Certificate evaluation committee (Dr. Erik Boczko, Mathematics; Dr. Edna Lima, Linguistics-ELIP; Dr. Lara Wallace, Linguistics-ELIP and Gallego, Modern Languages) reviewed their dossiers and awarded the recognition this past spring.

About the Graduate Teaching Certificate

Ideal for those who would like to teach at the college level, the Graduate Teaching Certificate shows that the recipient has undertaken professional development activities that can be applied in the classroom. Students attend workshops and compile a dossier, and earning this certificate indicates that recipients have worked toward their professional training and that their successful efforts are recognized by a committee of faculty members from various departments.

Advanced Graduate Teaching Certificate

The Advanced Graduate Teaching Certificate places a particular emphasis on recognizing the teaching skills and high level of reflection on teaching approaches of the applicant.

The advanced certificate is available for graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences who are appointed as instructors of record at the time of application. Students attend workshops and compile a dossier, and earning this certificate indicates that the recipient has worked toward a deeper level of professional training and has achieved exemplary teaching skills.


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