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November 6, 2017 at 10:48 am

Sarr Wins Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award in the Humanities

Dr. Assan Sarr

Dr. Assan Sarr

Ohio University’s Arts & Sciences Awards Committee selected Dr. Assan Sarr, Assistant Professor of History, as the humanities recipient of the Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award for 2016-17. The decision was made last spring and announced this fall.

The award recognizes “superior classroom performance, involvement with students beyond the classroom, and involvement in departmental curriculum development.” Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences accepts nominations and makes one Grasselli Brown award in each of the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Sarr offers a range of courses dealing with African, world, and comparative history. Much of his teaching expertise draws on his scholarly work. Sarr’s first book, Islam, Power, and Dependency in the Gambia River Basin: The Politics of land Control, 1790-1940, explores the impact of Islamization, the development peanut production, and the imposition of colonial rule on people living along the middle and lower Gambia River.

During Spring 2018, Sarr is teaching the following courses:

  • HIST 1320: Introduction to World History before 1750
  • HIST 3410: History of Africa to 1850
  • HIST 5410: History of Africa to 1850

For more on Sarr’s teaching and research interests, visit his History Department profile.


  1. KAUSU DRAMMEH says:

    Professor Assan , congratulations to you and the entire History Department at your prestigious university of Ohio. The selection committee did not make any mistake giving you the Award. You deserve it and it translates in your performance and mastery of the discipline of history. Keep up the momentum. Thank you.

    Abdou Khadirr Drammeh
    Kausu Drammeh.

  2. DAVIDSON Forster says:

    Dear Professor Sarr,

    Belated congratulations on the achivement. Keep up your good works.

    Also contact me.

    With best wishes

    Davidson Forster

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