November 14, 2017 at 9:14 am

Law Center Announces 2017-2018 Law, Justice & Culture Certificate Cohort of Students

The Center for Law, Justice & Culture is proud to present this year’s cohort of students in the Law, Justice & Culture Certificate program.

law center logo 170The certificate program brings together interdisciplinary coursework from departments across the social sciences and humanities to provide students with intellectual training in a “law and society” perspective. It also provides opportunities for faculty mentoring through research projects, internships, externships, study abroad, and career guidance.

Enrollment in the certificate program is a competitive process modeled after selection for law and graduate schools. Students with an overall GPA of 3.4 or above are eligible for 25 slots per year. During the fall application cycle, students are asked to submit a statement of intent as well as a current transcript. Those who do not meet the GPA requirement may submit an optional essay explaining their qualifications.

Once accepted into the program, Law, Justice & Culture students enroll in LJC 2000. They are then required to take at least one LJC elective course outside of their majors to ensure that they are exposed to interdisciplinary perspectives. As they proceed through the certificate coursework, LJC students participate in the intellectual life of the center and engage in practice-oriented learning opportunities such as internships and research projects, all dealing with issues of democratic governance, social justice, and human rights.

The program is appropriate for students who plan to pursue professions in law, rights advocacy, justice administration, public policy, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic research and teaching.

Making and Breaking the Law logoSeveral students in this year’s cohort learned about the certificate program after enrolling in CAS 2500: Breaking the Law last semester, which is the gateway course Ohio University students to the challenges of law and justice in the 21stcentury, and students with a special interest are encouraged to apply for the certificate program.

The 2017 cohort of students in the Law, Justice & Culture certificate program includes:

  • Victoria Anton is a sophomore studying Psychology and Sociology Pre-Law.
  • Aissatou Boye is a sophomore double majoring in Sociology-Criminology and African American Studies. She is also a member of Phi Alpha Delta.
  • Rachel Broughton is a sophomore Honors Tutorial College Anthropology student.
  • Hannah Burke is a junior Political Science major and the Student Senate Women’s Affairs Commissioner.
  • Dominic Detwiler is a sophomore studying HTC Sociology. He is also a Campus Organizer for Defend Our Future.
  • Maddy Geiser is a sophomore HTC Political Science major. She plays mellophone in the Ohio University Marching 110.
  • Aliyah Hardaway is a junior studying Journalism News and Information.
  • Skylar Hayes is a junior stydying Political Science Pre-Law.
  • Margaret Hicks is a junior majoring in Journalism and a Slot Editor at The Post.
  • Karinne Hill is a junior double majoring in Sociology-Criminology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
  • Trent Hoge is a sophomore studying Communications.
  • Carly Kay is a junior studying Sociology Pre-Law.
  • Conner Kochansky is a sophomore studying Political Science, with international interests with Middle East and North Africa.
  • Gabriella Lorenzo is a sophomore studying Sociology-Criminology.
  • Lillian Mattimoe is a freshman studying Political Science Pre-Law.
  • Daniella Prosser is a sophomore majoring in Political Science Pre-Law.
  • McKenzie Rader is a sophomore Education major.
  • Sydney Sayre is a sophomore Sociology-Criminology major.
  • Lilli Sher is a sophomore studying HTC Journalism.
  • Lauren Smith is a sophomore History major.
  • Jada Sparks is a sophomore majoring in Political Science Pre-Law.
  • Kristin Tate is a sophomore with double majors in Sociology-Criminology and Political Science Pre-Law. She is a member of Phi Alpha Delta.
  • Lydia Wendel is a freshman studying Political Science Pre-Law.
  • Shae Woodburn is a sophomore Political Science major.
  • Jordyn Zimmerman is a sophomore studying Education. She is a Minority Affairs Senator on Student Senate.

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