October 1, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Wealth and Poverty | World Food Day Food Drive on Oct. 16


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The Wealth and Poverty theme launches a campus-wide food drive on Monday, Oct. 16, to celebrate World Food Day, which is observed on this day every year to remember the founding spirit of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

It declares World Food Day to be “a day of action against hunger. People around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime.”  The Wealth and Poverty Theme declares “ending hunger starts with OHIO!” The drive runs through Oct. 28.

Each student in CAS 2300 Themes in Action will host a mini food drive at their residence hall, neighborhood, coffee places, classrooms, school hallways, etc.

In addition, students in CAS 2402 Transitions, SOC 3300 Sociology of Poverty, GEOG 3290 World Economic Geography, and T3 4400 Seminar in Wealth and Poverty also will participate in the World Food Day food drive by donating and encouraging their friends and classmates to donate food items.

Like last year, the donations will be given to Good Works Inc. in Athens. Good Works has been providing “a community of HOPE” for adults and children struggling with poverty since 1981,” according to its founder Keith Wasserman, who is also a Wealth and Poverty theme community member. This non-profit organization provides around 21,000 meals each year, primarily from food items donated by residents, students, grocery stores, and other community groups in Southeast Ohio. For example, its Timothy House shelter for people who have no home provides adults and children with three meals a day. In addition to the 120 to 140 adults and children served there, an average of 35 to 40 families receive “take-home” food every week.

In recent years, adds Wasserman, the staff and volunteers of Good Works have stressed the importance of donating food that is healthy and nutritional. He goes on to say that the Wealth and Poverty food donations will help Good Works provide food for those in need and, more importantly, “provide dignity and the opportunity to build trusting relationships” in the Athens community. More information on Good Works and its volunteer work is available at

By World Food Day on Oct 16, food drive boxes with the Wealth and Poverty logo will be placed in key locations across the campus.  In addition, Wealth and Poverty students will attempt to make an announcement about the food drive in their classes.  Anyone faculty, staff or community member who wants to put out a box in their building should contact Dr. Yeong Kim at

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