October 30, 2017 at 11:04 am

Biological Sciences Major Dedicates Time and Energy to Helping Others

Hams Kashoob, carrying flag from her native Oman.

Hams Kashoob, carrying flag from her native Oman.

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Hams Kashoob came to Athens in January 2016 as a recipient of an Omani Government Scholarship. She started her journey at Ohio University taking English language courses in the Ohio Program of Intensive English. She soon moved on to taking courses in her major, Biological Sciences.

“I love biology and getting to know how the human body works, the mechanics of it,” says Kashoob, sharing her passion for her major.

She also has a passion for helping others.

Kashoob is a great example of initiative, responsibility, hard work, and positive energy. Though she is only a second-year student, she already is working as a Biology Learning Community Leader as well as a tutor in Arabic and MATH 1200 at the Academic Achievement Center.

On top of her studies and work, she is actively involved on campus as a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Ambassadors and Omani Student Association.

She is also a dedicated OPIE alumna who has served as a panelist during OPIE Academic Orientation and a guest speaker at various OPIE events.

“I enjoy staying busy and love planning and participating in various events, helping others, and public speaking in general,”  Kashoob says. In her free time, she reads novels and draws.

In the near future, Kashoob would like to work as a tour guide offering her knowledge about the Ohio University campus to prospective students. After graduating from Ohio University, she plans to work in her field for a couple of years and then get a master’s degree, perhaps somewhere in Europe. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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