October 26, 2017 at 10:35 am

Anthropology Major Finds Summer Internship with a Phone Call

A smiling Adrianne Talmadge, wearing sunglasses and with wind-blowing hair and Tetons in the background

As a Margaret Boyd Scholar, Adrianne Talmadge visited the Teton Science School with the Ohio Fellows in May 2017.

Adrianne Talmadge ’19 found an internship close to home. She just had to call a local museum and ask about internship opportunities.

Talmadge is an Anthropology major who is also pursuing a Museum Studies Certificate.

Since she is interested in a career working in museums, she wanted to follow up an experience she had working at Ohio University’s Kennedy Museum of Art with an internship in a different type of museum. Also, because most internships within this field are not paid, she wanted to be close to home.

Talmadage knew about a local museum and called them one day to see if they offered any internships. They did.

She really enjoyed her internship experience at the Hancock Historical Museum in Findlay, Ohio, and learned a lot about her hometown that she never knew.

Talmadge had no clear expectations going into her internship. Most of her work was in the archives section re-organizing and placing miscellaneous files. She also took inventory of a current medical exhibit.

Her internship confirmed her interest in a career working in museums.

“This internship definitely helped me decide that this was the career path I wanted to take,” Talmadge says. “It also showed me that I would prefer to work with objects and exhibit design rather than archives.”

“I really enjoyed my time there, and I learned a lot about the background work of a museum.”

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