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August 4, 2017 at 8:25 am

Senate Confirms Alum at U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio

Ohio University alum Justin E. Herdman ’96, who earned a B.A. in Global Studies Europe from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate Aug. 3 as the new U.S. Attorney for northern Ohio, reports

Justin E. Herdman

Justin E. Herdman

He’ll be the top federal prosecutor for the region and the area’s liaison with the Justice Department, with authority over federal criminal cases, civil rights matters and whatever else Washington deems a priority.

“He is a brilliant, determined and independent person, and I think he’ll make a great prosecutor,” said Steve Dettelbach, a Cleveland lawyer who served as U.S. attorney for northern Ohio for six years under President Barack Obama. During part of that time, Herdman worked as Dettelbach’s top prosecutor for terrorism cases.

Herdman said in a telephone interview that he”s been given no directives from President Donald Trump’s administration, and doesn’t expect to be able to speak to changes in direction until he’s been on the job a little while. But he added he thinks “it’s apparent what the priorities of the Justice Department will be, through the statements of the attorney general and deputy attorney general.”

Those priorities include prosecuting more drug and gun cases, cracking down on illegal immigration and, according to an NBC News account of a speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, easing up on suing local police departments accused of violating civil rights.

Read the entire story: “Senate confirms Jones Day Attorney Justin Herdman as U.S. Attorney.”

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