August 17, 2017 at 1:54 pm

New Chemistry Faculty Anthony Stender Going Small, Really Small

Dr. Anthony Stender, shown in his office

Dr. Anthony Stender

Ohio University’s new analytical chemist, Dr. Anthony Stender, plans to study novel approaches to forensic chemistry analysis by going small, really small.

“Usually when people think of forensic science, they focus on evidence that’s large enough to be held in their hand or perceived with the unaided eye. But oftentimes, key evidence is much smaller than that, and as smaller and smaller evidence becomes important, it’s also necessary to figure out how to locate, collect, and study it,” says Stender, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

By combining the fields of forensic science, microscopy, and nanoscience, Stender’s research will help to uncover new approaches to studying forensic evidence.

Stender is very excited to be launching his research program and teaching at Ohio University, where he can combine his knowledge of forensic science with his expertise in nano-materials and microscopy.

Arriving this past winter, Stender has been enjoying getting to know the people in the department and larger community. In addition to enjoying spending time outdoors, he also joined the Columbus Curling Club. Curling is “a relaxing but semi-competitive activity that I really enjoy,” says Stender, who is originally from Minnesota but took up the sport of curling while living in Houston.

Stender earned a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Iowa State University, followed by postdoctoral studies in materials science at Rice University. Prior to that, he earned an M.S. in Meteorology from South Dakota School of Mines, completed a forensic science program at Hamline University, and earned a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.


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