July 13, 2017 at 4:05 pm

Rossiter Named Professor Emerita, Revered by Alumni

Professor Emerita Rose Rossiter

Dr. Rosemary Rossiter recently was named Professor Emerita of Economics by the Ohio University Board of Trustees.

Rossiter has been a member of the Economics Department at Ohio University for 34 years.

“She has distinguished herself as a teacher, mentor, and researcher. She has also made major contributions to the success of the Economics department as a whole,” says Dr. William Shambora, Associate Professor and Department Chair.

Rossiter created Economics 1000, a survey course that serves many students from a number of colleges at Ohio University.

“She has taught everything from large introductory classes to small specialty classes,” Shambora adds. “Recently, a graduating senior expressed her appreciation for Dr. Rossiter’s teaching style and her sensitivity to individual student’s needs. In her words, ‘Prof. Rossiter is cool.’

“Over the years, many students have expressed their appreciation of Dr. Rossiter. She has tackled one of our most challenging courses, Managerial Economics. It is challenging to the students because of the use of math required and challenging to the instructor because it is a service course for students in various colleges and majors, many of whom are taking the course only because it is required. Dr. Rossiter makes the course interesting and relevant to the students,” Shambora adds.

Rossiter’s many articles have appeared in well-regarded peer-reviewed journals for decades. She has collaborated with authors in the department, economists at other universities, and researchers from other departments at OHIO such as Mathematics.

Rossiter served as chair of the Economics Department for seven years.

“She was considered by most (perhaps all) faculty members as the most effective chair the department has ever had,” Shambora says. “It would be hard to find anyone who could top Dr. Rossiter’s service to the department.”

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