May 10, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Summer 2017 | Online Course: Slave Narrative and Freeman/Free Women Fiction

An online course on Slave Narrative and Freeman/Free Women Fiction is offered in Summer Session II.

AAS 2100 Slave Narrative and Freeman/Free Women Fiction | ONLINE (T2)

Tier II Humanities

Class # 1167

Summer Session II, 2017

All readings will be available online. This course will cover the African American slave narrative, from the 18th centuries, along with free-woman and free-man writings of the later 19th century and possibly the early 20th century. Readings typically include works by such authors as Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Jacobs, William Wells Brown, and Solomon Northup. The course will interrogate questions pertaining to how the slave narrative challenges conventional notions of autobiography and how the early black novel confronts received and developing notions of the U.S. novel.

The course is taught by Dr. Gary Holcomb, Professor of African America Literature. Contact him at

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