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May 23, 2017 at 10:19 pm

Bring OUr Alumni Back | NQPI Alumni Andy Green

NQPI alumnus Andy Green speaking with students at the Bring OUr Alumni Back event.

By Raymond Humienny
NQPI editorial intern

A young Andy Green arrived at Ohio University on a college visit.

“The campus was really beautiful, having that small town in the mountains charm,” Green said.” Although it’s pretty superficial, that really stuck out to me as a kid.”

Nonetheless, Athens became a home for Green pursuing a bachelor’s in Chemistry. Under the tutelage of Chemistry and Biochemistry professor and NQPI member Hugh Richardson, Green says he learned how to think critically as an undergraduate while developing a new perspective on life. Inspired by Richardson, he would go on to join his research team.

“It brought levity to a tough course like Physical Chemistry,” Green said. “I think some people may laugh at this knowing Dr. Richardson, but he also taught me humility, which to this day serves me well personally and professionally.”

Not long after, Green would finish his bachelor’s and later pursue a Ph.D. at OHIO in the same field. With Richardson and a group of students, they were able to measure local temperature on gold nanoparticles using optical excitation.

As a recognized NQPI alumnus, Green would return for the Bring OUr Alumni Back event to speak with NQPI students and faculty about his college years and current working experience.

“As many recent graduates can relate, I was pretty agnostic as to where I went to work,” Green said. “That said, once I got to (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), I realized the potential research impact I could have here was enormous.”

Green works as a researcher at WPAFB located near Dayton, OH. His team investigates transistor and semiconductor applications used by the U.S. Department of Defense, which include radio frequency and power electronics. For more information on Green or the NQPI program “Bring OUr Alumni Back”, please contact Kay Kemerer or Eric Stinaff.

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