April 1, 2017 at 11:15 pm

NEUROLUNCH | Mixed-mode Synchronization Between Two Inhibitory Neurons with Post-inhibitory Rebound, April 4

NEUROLUNCH meets Tuesday April 4, at noon in 201 LSB (Life Sciences Building). Ryan Ellison will discuss “Mixed-mode synchronization between two inhibitory neurons with post-inhibitory rebound.”

Abstract: This study investigates the role of post-inhibitory rebound (PIR), via a low-threshold calcium activated current, as a coupling mechanism of model neurons in disparate dynamical regimes. The paper discusses the dynamics of the model neuron and its mode switching due to changes in a constant, externally applied current. The authors go on to discuss synchronization of two coupled, half-center oscillators whose constituents are homogeneous (e.g., two endogenously bursting and two intrinsically spiking neurons). This is followed by the most novel portion of the paper in which heterogeneous model neurons are coupled and the dynamics of the resultant PIR induced bursting is elucidated.

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