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April 10, 2017 at 1:29 pm

Advising Tip | Create A Study Plan For Finals Week…And Follow Through!

By Sara Berens
Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist

In just a few short weeks (or sooner) your instructors will be handing out final exams, inducing a collective wave of panic. Now is the best time to sit down with your planner and organize a study schedule so you feel more prepared and retain more of what you learned. Here are just a few tips to help you get started:

  • S
    Sara Berens

    Sara Berens

    tart now! Stop delaying and just get started.

  • Collect all of your lecture and reading notes, quizzes, and tests used for each course and get them into order.
  • Create a master to do list for each final exam that you have.
  • Break down course material into manageable units. This can be sections of a chapter, an entire chapter, or a couple of weeks’ worth of material.
  • Block time on your calendar to study each unit for 1-2 hour sessions until exam time. Be sure to give yourself about a 10 minute break every hour and build in rewards for focusing without getting distracted.
  • Utilize apps that block social media and other online distractions.
  • Notify your friends and family that you’re prepping for finals and the latest drama will have to wait until after the end of April!
  • Now comes the hard part, actually following the plan that you create.

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