February 6, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Sociology-Criminology Alum Promoted from Recruiter to Account Executive

Natalee Bailey in cap and gown in front of Ohio University Banner

Natalee Bailey

Natalee Bailey ’15 started working at Open Systems Healthcare as a recruiter out of Pittsburgh shortly after graduating with her degree in Sociology-Criminology and minor in English from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University.

Open Systems is a non-skilled home care staffing agency that provides Direct Care Workers and Certified Nursing Assistants to work with consumers on the Medicaid State Waiver program.

Through the waiver program, they receive reimbursement from the state for each hour of care provided by their caregivers. Individuals on the waiver programs are those that are 21 or older, have a limited income, and are nursing home qualified. There is no cost to the client.

Recruiter Responsibilities

Bailey recruited and interviewed potential Direct Care Workers and Certified Nursing Assistants to work with their clients. She then matched them based on the need of the client and skill of the caregiver.

In her role as a recruiter, Bailey was also responsible for making sure she provided quality customer service to her clients, disciplinary action towards the caregivers if they broke policy, and making connections with new potential lines of business.

During her time with the Pittsburgh office, they had a 50 percent increase in weekly sales and supplied caregivers to around 140 clients.

Bailey was recently promoted from recruiter to account executive of the Baltimore office located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Account Executive Responsibilities

Her new responsibilities are more sales-based, such as going into the field and meeting with potential new clients or their support planners.

She also has day-to-day managerial duties to make sure that her recruiter, human resources director, and director of nursing are all functioning cohesively to make their business successful.

Helping People

“What I enjoy most about the job are the people that I work with, the fast paced environment and the fact that I am helping people live their lives as fully and independently as possible,” Bailey says. “Open Systems really puts their consumers first and goes the extra mile to make sure they are receiving the care they deserve. There’s nothing better than seeing the difference that our caregivers have made on someone’s well-being. I can honestly say that I love my job!”

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