February 1, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Dynamical Systems Seminar | Exact Solution to Two-Phase Hele-Shaw Problem, Feb. 14

The Dynamical Systems Seminar presents Lanre Akinyemi on Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 3:05 p.m. in Morton 226.

Akinyemi is a graduate student in the Mathematics  Department at Ohio University

He will discuss “Exact solution to the two-phase Hele-Shaw problem.”

Abstract: A two-phase problem describes an evolution of the interface $\Gamma(t)\subset{\mathbbR}^{2}$  between two immiscible fluids, occupying regions $\Omega _1$ and $\Omega _2$ in a so-called Hele-Shaw cell. The interface evolves due to the presence of sinks and sources located in $\Omega _j$, $j=1,2$. The case where one of the fluids is effectively inviscid, that is, it has a constant pressure, is called one-phase problem.  This case has been studied extensively. Much less progress has been made for the two-phase problem, also know as the Muskat problem.

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