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January 27, 2017 at 2:39 pm

WXXI Interviews Sarr about Crisis in The Gambia

Dr. Assan Sarr

Dr. Assan Sarr

WXXI News interviewed Dr. Assan Sarr, Assistant Professor of History at Ohio University, for a Jan. 25 Connections segment on “Understanding the crisis in The Gambia.” WXXI is a National Public Radio (NPR) member station in Rochester, NY.

“After weeks of crisis in The Gambia, is the small African nation on the precipice of stability — or will the tumult exacerbate a refugee crisis? The short story is that The Gambia was ruled by a rather typical strongman figure, who lost a surprising election this fall and declared that he would accept the results. Days later, he changed his mind and declared a national emergency. Now he’s in exile, and Gambians around the world are taking a fresh look at the possibility of finally returning home. But residents in The Gambia are justifiably on edge,” says Connections host Evan Dawson in the web introduction to the show.

Visit WXXI to listen to the interview.

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