November 1, 2016 at 1:39 pm

Discovery Museum Gets Grant for Student-Led STEAM Projects

Ohio Museum of Discovery board members with notice of their grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.

Ohio Museum of Discovery board members with notice of their grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.

The Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery has been awarded $51,809 from theState Farm Youth Advisory Board for a project on Service Learning With STEAM Technologies in Rural Communities.

The new project will encourage high school and college students to develop a variety of service-learning projects with themes in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. These projects will be designed for Athens County students in sixth through ninth grades.

College of Arts & Sciences students who are interested in getting involved should contact Dr. Jennifer Hines, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, or Dr. Mark Lucas, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy. Hines and Lucas are both museum board members.

Teams of college and high school volunteers will develop “Discovery Packs,” filled with materials to explore the five themes. Once fabricated, these packs will be available for checkout from the museum and, eventually, other community venues. Discovery Packs will be ideal for classrooms, experiments for youth groups, and to explore at home.

“By supporting youth leaders in developing these resources, the grant provides not only exciting and engaging materials for students in our community, but also builds a valuable service-learning experience for the college and high school student mentors,” says Hines.

Students also will develop a mobile Discovery Lab, an easily transported core of multidisciplinary tinkering-maker-science materials that can be taken to schools, libraries, and other community spaces. The Discovery Packs and lab will work together to introduce and then reinforce STEAM principles and the joy of exploration.

The Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery is a non-profit, volunteer-driven community organization with a commitment to creating unique educational and recreational experiences

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