October 18, 2016 at 12:39 pm

New Faculty Rosemary Nagy Specializes in Law and Transitional Justice

Dr. Rosemary Nagy has joined Ohio University’s Political Science Department as visiting professor from Nipissing University, which is in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Nagy’s areas of specialization, including law, politics, gender, and human rights, all are reflected in her recent research involving Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. According to Nagy, her research has helped her not just outside the classroom, but inside as well.

Rosemary Nagy

Rosemary Nagy

“My experience of researching residential schools and going to most of the Truth and Reconciliation events is that it coincides with my teaching at Nipissing, which has a high proportion of aboriginal students,” Nagy said. “These things fall together to have a really important impaction me and my teaching.”

Her current research looks at sex trafficking in Northeastern Ontario, in which she is the primary investigator.

“We mostly want to work with service providers to build up cross sector collaboration and responses to victims of trafficking and to make policy recommendations,” Nagy said.

Nagy also specializes in transitional justice, reflected in her class offerings in the 2017 Spring Semester. Nagy will be teaching POLS 4555: Transitional Justice, a course in which students will study an array of transitional justice cases including the Maine-Wabanacky case of deeply problematic welfare for Indigenous children.

“While we do look at transitional justice in established democracies like Canada and the US, the course is largely about transitions from mass atrocities or war to peace and democracy,” Nagy said. “In all cases, we ask, what sorts of measures are needed for healing, for justice, for reconciliation?”

Nagy currently team teaches CAS 2500: Breaking the Law with Dr. Haley Duschinski, Dr. Bruce Hoffman, and Dr. Marina Peterson. So far Nagy has lectured on legal cultures, discipline and punishment, and transitional justice.

“It’s a fabulous experience,” said Nagy. “I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Nagy’s interest in political science stemmed from her interest in politics.

When Nagy first attended McGill Univeristy, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science, she wanted to become involved in Canadian politics. Her love of political theory, and a scholarship to Carleton University, then prompted her to continue her education, where she received a masters in Legal Studies.

After finishing with her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Univeristy of Toronto, Nagy worked at Carleton University for four years, and then at Nipissing, where she is currently teaching her 10th year in addition to her first here at Ohio Univeristy.

After moving to here from Canada in August, Nagy says she has been enjoying Ohio University.

“[Ohio University] is great,” Nagy said. “There are tons of resources and activities and a beautiful campus.”

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