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October 28, 2016 at 11:23 am

Alum Talks with Anthropology Students about Legal Services for OHIO Students

Patrick McGee and students Demetri Wolfe-Maris, Gavin Stalnaker, and Zachery Wagner pose in front of a blackboard

Patrick McGee and students Demetri Wolfe-Maris, Gavin Stalnaker, and Zachery Wagner.

Students in UC1000 Mastering the University Experience taught by Nate Wallace had the privilege to hear Ohio University alum Patrick McGee of the Center for Student Legal Services speak to their class in September.

For about $12 per semester, the center provides legal services for Ohio University students. “Every semester, including summer sessions, the $12 fee appears on each student’s tuition bill on the student’s OHIO Portal. The cost of the program is $12 per term, and students must choose to pay or waive the fee at the beginning of every term.  Paying the fee entitles a student to all of the services that CSLS has to offer,” according to the center’s website.

McGee works for the center as a lawyer, but he didn’t always work here at Ohio University. He is a 1974 graduate of Ohio University majored in Political Science and went on to San Francisco where he earned his law degree.

He moved back to Ohio and taught Music Copyright Law at Hocking College, owned his own private practice, and now works as a public defender.

McGee was involved with student environmental groups during strip mining and is now on Athens City Council.

The students interacted with McGee and asked him numerous questions. He explained certain law terms and explained the legal process for students here at Ohio University.

The students learned about the history of Ohio’s drinking age, different cases that he has been involved in, and the case of Terry v. Ohio.

Students learned what we can and can’t do when approached by a police officer. Students learned a lot from him and enjoyed having him speak.

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