July 18, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Students Tour Athens County Historical Society and Museum, Learn about Internships

By Harlee Rozell ’17

The Ohio Student Anthropology Society worked with the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, which recently relocated to 24 W. State St., Athens, to host a tour of the museum for all interested Anthropology and History majors and minors at Ohio University.

New Home of Athens County Historical Society and Museum

New home of Athens County Historical Society and Museum

The purpose of this tour was to show Anthropology and History students the many internship opportunities offered by the museum, while at the same time introducing them to the many interesting artifacts the museum houses.

The museum’s curator, Jessica Cydrus, led the April 12 tour for the students who participated. She began by taking them on a tour of the new facilities and describing current and future renovations. She also gave a brief history of the building, which happens to be one of the oldest churches in Athens.

Great Artifacts and Specimens

After touring the building, she took the students down to the basement into the catalogue room. There, she brought out many fascinating and compelling artifacts and specimens, including a mammoth tooth, a mastodon jaw, a Japanese-inspired wedding gown from the 1880s, prehistoric native pipes, medical instruments and remedies (predominantly pills) from a local doctor in the 1920s, and love letters written to an OHIO student from men fighting in World War II.

She also asked the interns present at the time to tell the visiting students what they do at the museum and what they like about interning there.

Overall, this visit was a fun success!

The students who came and participated all had relevant questions, and many were interested in the internship opportunities the museum offers OHIO students.

Interested in an Internship?

If you are an Anthropology or History major or minor and are interested in more information about internships at the Athens County Historical Society, please contact either your faculty adviser, Anthropology internship adviser Dr. Nancy Tatarek, or History Director of Undergraduate Studies Director Dr. Michele Clouse.

You can also call the museum and schedule a visit yourself with its curator, Jessica Cydrus (740-592-2280) or visit the Southeast Ohio History Center.

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