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June 27, 2016 at 11:02 am

Miguel Gomez | Spectroscopy of a Young Type II Supernova

Miguel Gomez

Miguel Gomez

By Miguel Gomez
(B.S. Physics and B.S. Computer Science, Class of 2016)

I had the opportunity to work as an intern with Dr. Ryan Chornock in Physics & Astronomy during summer 2015. My research focused on spectral reduction on standard stars and supernovae in order to determine their evolutionary life cycle.

One of my jobs was to understand the basics of IRAF (image reduction and analysis facility) and IDL (interactive data language), which I used to reduce and analyze my astronomical data.

Like all computer software and languages, mastering IRAF and IDL was not an easy task. However, with the help and guidance from Dr. Chornock, I was able to fully understand how to do basic 2D image processing, spectral extraction, and flux calibrations for a star and supernovae.

The summer research experience was a great way for me to understand the basics of data reduction and analysis.

Miguel Gomez – 2015 Intern with Dr. Ryan Chornock – senior at Ohio University – College of Arts & Sciences – astrophysics major


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