March 14, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Advising Tip|Don’t Fall Prey to Senioritis

By Sara Berens

Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist for the College of Arts & Sciences

Sara Berens

Sara Berens

While we focus a lot on first-year students transitioning from high school to college, we don’t always think as much about the transition for seniors getting ready to graduate. This will be a confusing and emotional time for many of you who will be leaving the boundaries of Athens and Ohio University, and you need to give yourself time to prepare. We still have five weeks left in the semester, which will give you plenty of time to visit the Career and Leadership Development Center to brush up your resumé, complete a mock interview and register with Bobcat CareerLink. Talk to your professors and advisors to see who will be willing to write recommendation letters should you need them. Make a “bucket list” of everything you would like to do and see during your remaining time here. Register with the Alumni Association so you can stay in touch. Lastly, stay focused and finish strong. There is nothing worse than working to maintain your GPA and then being struck by senioritis and bombing your last exams. Take a breath. You’ve got this.

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