March 22, 2016 at 3:29 pm

International News|Conversation Hour, Baking Club, OPIE Lecture Series

By Tanya Dovbnya

Ohio Program of Intensive English and A&S International Academic Advisor

OPIE welcomes OHIO faculty, staff, and students to join OPIE events this week:

OPIE Conversation Hour: Childhood and Memories

What? Join the Conversation Hour to discuss childhood and memories, and how they may differ depending on the speaker’s culture. It is a great way to gain some cultural and even historic insights.

When and where? Tuesday, March 22, 6:00-7:00 pm in the Bobcat Student Lounge

OPIE Baking Club Meeting

What? Come and try out some cool dessert recipes with the OPIE faculty members and students. Contact Holly Delong ( or Sandy Nesbitt ( for more details.

When and where? Wednesday, March 23, 12:45-2:00 pm at 1st Presbyterian Church on Court Street.

OPIE Lecture Series

What? Alex Rowell from Counseling & Psychological Services will be delivering a lecture on stress management techniques. Facilitator: Cecily Long

When and where? Wednesday, March 23, 2:00-3:00 pm in Ellis Hall 024

OPIE Academic Orientation Spring 2016

OPIE students admitted to Ohio University for undergraduate studies, who are currently studying at the Advanced and Pre-Academic Level, attended the OPIE Academic Orientation on March 16.

Students had a great opportunity to meet representatives from their respective colleges, and to listen to presentations by Rachel Scholten from the International Admissions Office, Dawn Bikowski from the English Language Improvement Program, Megan Buettner from the Career and Leadership Development Center, and Amanda Remnant from the Academic Advancement Center.

The students enjoyed learning more about their upcoming transition from English language studies to academic studies. The speakers answered many of the students’ questions and made them feel welcome in the university academic community. The students are excited about taking their first academic classes and meeting their academic advisors for the first time.

The OPIE Alumni Panel was an informative and fun addition to the main presentations, and provided an opportunity for some informal interaction among the students. A great team of former OPIE and current undergraduate Ohio University students, including Qiuyang Guo, Yanan Han, Haokun Wang, and Deli Xu, spoke to the audience. They gave valuable insights into choosing their first classes and becoming academically successful. They also shared their extracurricular experiences at the university and encouraged new students to be active and curious.

Global Voices at Ohio University

“Global Voices” is a new video series about the experiences of international students at Ohio University. The first of two new videos for this week, “Academic Differences“, shows students reflecting on academic differences between the United States and their home countries, in areas such as family pressure, class policies, assignments, communicating with faculty, the importance of email etiquette and preparing in advance for classes.

The second  video, “Where to Get Help“, explores Ohio University’s wide range of resources available to students. International students discuss the importance of utilizing the writing labs, library, academic advising, faculty office hours, supplementary instruction sessions, and collaborating with peers.


Tanya Dovbnya

Tanya Dovbnya

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