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14 Students & Faculty Receive Kopchick Awards at MCB Retreat

In November 2015, the John J. Kopchick Awards provided $87,795 to Ohio University student, faculty and staff researchers during the Nov. 14 retreat for students and faculty in the Molecular and Cellular Biology interdisciplinary program.

Fourteen Ohio University students and faculty and staff members have received funding for their health and medical research on topics such as obesity, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

“These awards reflect the diversity of translational biomedical research conducted by our faculty and students and reinforce the significance of applying new knowledge to clinically relevant and unmet needs,” said Joseph Shields, Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and Dean of the Graduate College.

The John J. Kopchick Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)/Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) Faculty Support Fund, Research Fellowship Award and Undergraduate Student Support Fund were created as a result of a $2 million gift commitment from John Kopchick, Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar and Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology, and Char Kopchick, assistant dean of students at Ohio University.

2015 Award Recipients

John J. Kopchick Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)/Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) Faculty Support Fund (up to $10,000 for MCB/TBS faculty for research activities and conference travel)

Recipients: Darlene Berryman, Erin Murphy, Ronan Carroll and Ed List
Project Title: “Analysis of individual gut microbiota variation leading to a reproducible model of microbiome quantitation”
Amount: $10,000

Recipient: Xiao Chen
Project Title: “Mechanism and anticancer efficacy studies of glucose transporter 1 inhibitors”
Amount: $6,795

20151114KopchickAwards00241ko (2)
Ronan Carroll, Darlene Berryman, Erin Murphy, and Edward List pose for a photo with John Kopchick  Photo by Kaitlin Owens.

web story 20151114KopchickAwards00250ko
Xiaozhuo Chen poses for a photo with John Kopchick Photo by Kaitlin Owens.

John J. Kopchick Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)/Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) Research Fellowship Award (up to $10,000 for PhD and DO/PhD students in the MCB or TBS programs to support translational biomedical research, with an additional $5,000 for an off-campus internship).

Recipient: Alison Brittain
Faculty Mentor: John Kopchick
Project Title: “The role of podocyte growth hormone action in the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease”
Amount: $10,000

Recipient: Ashley Patton
Faculty Mentors: Kelly McCall and Frank Schwartz
Project Title: “Development of novel small molecule inhibitors of inflammation to prevent high-fat diet induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”
Amount: $15,000

Recipient: Debra Walter
Faculty Mentor: Karen Coschigano
Project Title: “Renal signatures of coxsackievirus infection and diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice”
Amount: $15,000

Recipient: Ian Ackers
Faculty Mentor: Ramiro Malgor
Project Title: “Non-canonical Wnt5a signaling:  a potential therapeutic target in atherosclerosis”
Amount: $15,000

Recipient: Elizabeth Jensen
Faculty Mentor: Darlene Berryman
Project Title:   “Analyzing the gut microbiome in growth hormone deficient mice and its possible implications in health”
Amount: $10,000

20151114KopchickAwards00277ko (2)
Debra Walter, Elizabeth Jensen, Alison Brittain, Ian Ackers, and Ashley Patton pose for a photo with Dr. John Kopchick Photo by Kaitlin Owens.

John J. Kopchick Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)/Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) Undergraduate Student Support Fund ( up to $1,500 for undergraduate students working with MCB/TBS faculty and conducting translational medical research and scholarly activities)

Recipient: Caroline Wilson
Faculty Mentors: Kelly McCall, Doug Goetz
Project Title: “The efficacy of small molecule inhibitors of inflammation to prevent the development of high-fat, diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in primary hepatocytes isolated from C57BL/6J mice”
Amount: $1,500

Recipient: Jesse Kowalski
Faculty Mentor: Ed List
Project Title: “The effects of obesity and weight cycling on hepatic gene expression in mice”
Amount: $1,500

Recipient: Kimberly Kraus
Faculty Mentor: Robert Colvin
Project Title: “Optimization and utilization of hybrid culture between rat and fly primary neurons:  a novel model for studying neurodegenerative diseases”
Amount: $1,500

Recipient: Emma Kessler
Faculty Mentor: Steve Bergmeier
Project Title: “Small molecule inhibitors of Glut-1 glucose transporter-induced apoptosis of cancel cells by inhibiting glucose uptake”
Amount: $1,500

20151114KopchickAwards00291ko (2)
Caroline Wilson, Kimberly Kraus, and Emma Kessler pose for a photo with John Kopchick Photo by Kaitlin Owens.

More information about the John J. Kopchick Awards is available on the Research Division funding page:

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