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December 17, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Kantrowitz Talks of Infamous Deaths at Release for ‘Old Whiskey and Young Women’

Glidden Visiting Professor Marc Kantrowitz spoke to a group of faculty and students on Dec. 3 at a book release for his recently published book, Old Whiskey and Young Women: American True Crime: Tales of Murder, Sex and Scandal.

Old Whiskey and Young Women book coverKantrowitz spoke of infamous deaths and the cases that surrounded them throughout American history. The demise of famous Hollywood figures like Fatty Arbuckle, William Desmond Taylor and more.

One of the points that he tried to drive home through his historical analysis was the continuity of human nature, and to not pretend that humans were much different now from the way they were in the early 20th century and before.

Kantrowitz, a legal professional with experience as an attorney, as well as a judge on the Massachusetts Court of Appeals, has been teaching a course entitled HIST 3700: Famous Trials in American History, and will part ways with his teaching at the end of the fall semester.

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