November 17, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Text Appeal | Fire to iPhone Holds First TEDx Event

Ohio University’s Fire to iPhone theme kicked off its new TEDx series in October with an interactive event called Text Appeal.

Fire to iPhone theme logoTED aims to be a platform for thinkers so that people around the world can better understand big issues. The Oct. 15 event, sponsored by Fire to iPhone took place at the Living Learning Center on South Green, where those who attended were greeted with a spread of food, a TEDx T-shirt, and a TEDx sticker.

Text Appeal focused on digital storytelling and the importance of the emoji and its prevalence today.

“The event (was) focused on expanding students’ ideas of what literacy is and how literacy is used in digital spaces.” said Dr. Ryan P. Shepherd, Visiting Assistant Professor of English and the moderator for this event.

The use of emoji was emphasized throughout the event.

Dr. Ryan Shepherd

Dr. Ryan Shepherd

Shepherd hit on the literacies of emoji and how students use these symbols to make meaning.

“How do you tell your story with technology? Face-to-face storytelling allows for meaning to be shared through tone, facial expressions, and gestures. But texting does not! Can emoji help add richness?” Shepherd wanted to know.

These questions were addressed and expanded on throughout the night’s event.

The 50 or so students who attended Text Appeal were asked to participate by watching videos about digital storytelling and create their own by taking to Twitter and using images and emojis to tell their story.

This event was the first of many that are to take place as a part of Ohio University’s TEDx series.

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