November 13, 2015 at 8:40 am

Dayton Officers Talk to Sociology-Criminology Club about 100 Openings

Dayton Patrol Officers Danielle Cash and Sarah Moody addressed the Sociology-Criminology Club on October 28th in Bentley 304. The two officers gave a 45-minute presentation about the Dayton Police Department. They explained what their job entails, the mission of the police department and their demographics.

Their department is currently recruiting 100 officers. If an individual passes the exam coming up in February, he or she will be placed on the register of qualified candidates. Danielle Cash, one of the presenters, is an Ohio University alumna. Cash graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology-Criminology.

“Deputy Cash’s presentation was very alluring,” said Soc-Crim Club President Karlee Wolke. “I think that there are several students who are looking more deeply into working alongside the Dayton PD now. They offer so many benefits and are an especially pro-female workplace…. I’ve never considered being a part of a police department, but listening to Ms. Cash speak makes me think twice.”

The Sociology-Criminology Club at Ohio University is a group for criminology majors and all students interested in the study of crime to discuss relevant issues related to society and crime, as well as to gain information on career opportunities in the field of crime and justice. In the past, the club has hosted various activities such as career fairs, tours of various criminal justice agencies, and a wide range of guest speakers. Dr. Thomas Vander Ven, Professor of Sociology, is the faculty adviser for the club and works to make sure students have resources and connections to find career opportunities in their field when they graduate.

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