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November 24, 2015 at 11:51 am

CLJC Spotlights Journalism Alum | Faroniya Law Firm Does Business Litigation, Criminal Defense

Yousef Faroniya

Yousef Faroniya

Center for Law, Justice & Culture’s alum Yousef Faroniya is the founder and CEO of YMF Inc., the Law Office of Yousef M. Faroniya, where he serves client’s interests in business litigation, criminal defense, landlord-tenant law, and other matters.

A native of Cleveland, Faroniya attended Ohio University as one of 10 Templeton Scholars in his class. Having been awarded a full scholarship, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

After leaving Athens, Faroniya earned a Juris Doctor at Capital University Law School, where he had a double concentration in Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Upon passing the Ohio Bar Examination, Faroniy practiced criminal defense with the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office, domestic relations law for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, and business litigation for a private law firm.

What brought you to Ohio University?

I came for the journalism school, the beautiful campus, and because it was just far enough from Cleveland that my family couldn’t just stop by unannounced.

What is your current occupation? Explain what you do in a typical day.

I am a trial attorney. I spend most of my days in court assisting clients.

How did you become interested in that field? Was there a particular topic or field of law that got you interested in it in the first place?

I can’t say I was very interested in law. I hated my first job out of college and decided to go back to school. Law was the most appealing of my school options at the time.

What’s your favorite part of your position? What are you passionate about?

My favorite part of my work is acting as a problem solver. Every client and every problem is different and the daily challenge of solving those problems is rewarding.

How did your Ohio University experience prepare you for law school and shape your career path?

Ohio University is where I not only developed as a student, but as an adult. I had successes, but more importantly I had my failures. Failing and recovering from my failures prepared me as much as anything.

What do you think most important things you did as an undergrad to get you prepared for law school?

Getting arrested. It gives a future criminal defense attorney some good perspective.

Do you have any advice for students interested in law?

Law attracts a lot of pompous people. Be ready for that and don’t become one. Unless you already are one—in that case, you’re going to be in good company.

What is your favorite Ohio University memory?

Millfest. Every year. No need to go into detail.

Anything else you would like to share?

Ohio University is a special place. Take advantage of all it offers while you can.

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